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Artist Statement

"My primary interest in creating is to create objects are used in daily life, that bring us beauty and joy. I feel that creating objects from hand, in ways that have existed throughout time, is vital and necessary. I hope my work reminds people of the art of the hand made. In the use of objects and appreciation of art, one's life is enriched, as it serves as a reminder of history and the connections we have to the arts.

I have been continually fascinated by creating patterns over forms I create. I have had a variety of influences of inspiration through the years. I use the forms as a background for color and patterns over the beautiful white background that the porcelain provides. Porcelain provides a fluidity of movement and texture that is a continuous pleasure to work with. It is my intention in creating forms, that are decorative and functional, to give pleasure and beauty. My work tends to be a fusion of Japanese asymmetry and European influence, and is moving into a phase of the uses of color in abstraction over my forms.